Airbus Defence and Space has signed a four-year contract with Scanex, a Russian Earth observation company, for access to optical satellite imagery via the One Atlas platform, a satellite image basemap that includes imagery if 180 million km2 of the Earth’s surface. The entire database is updated every 12 months.

Yandex, the operator of a popular Internet search engine in Russia, will receive imagery from this agreement since Yandex feeds its Yandex.Maps portal by purchasing satellite imagery from Scanex. The 180 million km2 of One Atlas data will be integrated into Yandex.Maps, giving the search engine access to SPOT and Pleiades imagery.

Unlike many of its competitors, Airbus Geo-Information Services does not receive direct funding or guaranteed contracts from governments.  However, the company does continue to have close working relationships with governments around the world. Airbus also has the rights to distribute imagery from government-owned satellites, particularly the French Pleiades. The high resolution of the Pleiades satellites enables Airbus to compete with other large remote sensing satellite operators.

In addition to revenue from government sources, Airbus continues to improve its commercial offerings, as demonstrated by its contract with Scanex.